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About the Academy

The Charles MacPherson Academy for Butlers and Household Managers is located in Toronto, Canada and is associated with Charles MacPherson Associates Inc., a firm that has been providing discerning solutions to the luxury residential and hospitality markets since 1996. 

The school is a registered private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and is the only butler and household management school of its kind in North America. The curricular mandate of the school’s program is to turn out skilled professionals who meet the service demands of the 21st Century.
Critical Skills taught in a Classroom and Laboratory Setting
At the school individuals who seek to enter the world of service either in a private household or as a hotel butler are taught the critical skills that they will require for their vocation. This includes such subjects as household management, etiquette and protocol, clothing and valet care, butler skills, table setting and service, event planning, housekeeping, security, wine and mixology, first aid, household mechanicals, human resources and so much more.
The Only Butler and Household Management School with a Proprietary Textbook
We are the only butler and household management school to use proprietary student and teacher’s textbooks that ensure consistency of educational standards as well as teaching methodologies from class to class. The student textbook contains 700 pages and 1100 illustrative drawings and has been prepared so as to equip students with the information they need to succeed in the program and optimize their potential for success upon graduation.
Diverse Student Backgrounds
Students attending the Academy are comprised of those who are new to service, those seeking to upgrade their skills, as well as the employees of families or hotels who seek to enroll their staff for focused skills development. We are proud that the students who enroll at our butler school come from diverse backgrounds representing different age groups, professional backgrounds, various language groups as well as a multitude countries. In the past our international students have come to us from such distant locations as New Zealand and China. The high level of trust that this demonstrates honors us. 
A Governing Body of 10 Dedicated Individuals
We are proud that 10 independent individuals govern our syllabus and curriculum.  The governing group consists of people within the placement industry, private households and the hotel butler field who share a commitment to the pursuit of the highest professional standards within the private service and hospitality industries.  Each of these governing individuals understands and values the notion that service either in a private household or hotel is an honorable, worthy and distinguished profession.
A Placement Division working with Students
Charles MacPherson Academy works with Charles MacPherson Associate's placement division that specializes in the placement of butlers, household managers, chefs, chauffeurs, executive housekeepers and nannies in good positions around the world. During the program a placement officer will meet individually with each student to ascertain their job preferences and work with them to fine tune their interview techniques and their resume presentation.

Contact us at 416-369-1146 or info@charlesmacpherson.com
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