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Charles MacPherson Associates (CMA) specializes in educating and recruiting domestic staff for our private residential clients. We also provide training and consultation services for both our private residential and corporate clients worldwide. With over two decades of service excellence, we have built lasting relationships with our clients, candidates, and students across each of our four lines of business: Placement, Academy, Training, and Consulting.

The Charles MacPherson Academy provides professional development opportunities for those working in the private domestic service industry. Sign up here to receive updates on Academy programming.

We recruit and place skilled domestic staff for our client’s private estates and residences. We specialize in client advisory, staff planning, recruiting, placing, and training domestic staff.

Charles regularly appears on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show enjoyed by viewers across Canada. As “Charles The Butler”, Marilyn and Charles discuss everything from everyday etiquette to how keep a beautiful home.

Charles is known for his clear, straightforward writing style. His books serve as an excellent source of dependable information for the entertaining, etiquette and household management for the modern world.


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About Us

Charles is the founder and president of Charles MacPherson Associates. After almost a decade serving as a Major Domo for one of Canada’s most prominent families, Charles set his sights on starting his own business. CMA was founded in 1996, specializing in recruiting and educating private service professionals, as well as providing training and consulting for residential and corporate clients. Over the last two decades, Charles has built his reputation as a global authority in the butler and household management field for private residential, hospitality, and customer service sectors worldwide.