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A personal assistant is a role designed to streamline your life. They help you by organising your calendar, staying on top of correspondence, and being a polished gatekeeper to protect your time and energy. This is how they can help to enhance your productivity and keep you focused. This does overlap with the traditional role of an executive assistant, but your personal assistant will also manage personal errands like gift buying, travel arrangements for your entire family, restaurant reservations, and sometimes even basic house management tasks. Connect with a personal assistant for hire with the help of Charles MacPherson Associates

Hire Personal Assistant Services In Toronto For Professional Support

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Now, let’s find out more about what services a personal assistant can offer. 

Calendar and Schedule Management

A personal assistant can assist you by:

  • Scheduling your meetings
  • Reviewing your calendar daily and resolving conflicts
  • Sending reminders and meeting confirmations
  • Gathering documents and briefing notes 

Administrative Support

Your personal assistant will: 

  • Schedule appointments 
  • Manage your documents
  • Track and organise receipts and expenses
  • Manage inventories and order supplies
  • Organise mail and correspond accordingly 

Errands and Logistics

Errands and logistics are something else your personal assistant can help with. They can:

  • Make travel arrangements 
  • Coordinate work-related travel logistics
  • Return or exchange items 
  • Receive and mail packages at the post office

Research and Information Management

Your personal assistant will be your right hand. They will do the necessary research and provide you with the relevant information you need. This can also include:

  • Making legal documents 
  • Networking with the right people 
  • Handling insurance claims and renewals

Personal Support

Your personal assistant can manage your residence too. They’ll make sure to:

  • Pay bills
  • Manage home maintenance
  • Reply to personal e-mails/phone calls
  • Shop for groceries or gifts
  • Organise events
  • Make necessary reservations

Personal assistants take pride in facilitating the day-to-day requirements of their employer. Your success reflects their success. Call us today to get started hiring a personal assistant in Toronto!

Benefits Of Hiring A Personal Assistant In Toronto

There’s a number of benefits you can experience from hiring a personal assistant in Toronto. They can: 

✓ Help To Balance Out Your Life 

It’s easy to get burned out if you’re juggling work, errands, childcare, cooking, etc. The list can go on and on. Your personal assistant will be a second set of eyes, ears, and hands to reduce your workload; allowing you to focus on growth-oriented tasks without feeling exhausted.

✓Help To Organise Everything

Your personal assistant can handle appointments, e-mails, travel arrangements, document business data, and more! They can take care of tedious tasks that don’t directly require your attention. 

✓Help To Enhance Your Delegation, Communication, and Managerial Skills

Hiring a personal assistant will teach you to delegate tasks and communicate your needs assertively, confidently, and with kindness. 

Treat your personal assistant as an investment in yourself that allows you to focus on bigger goals! Start the hiring process with Charles MacPherson Associates and choose the perfect personal assistant for your needs in Toronto, Canada. 

Find A Dedicated Personal Assistant In Toronto

Hiring a personal assistant is a smooth and easy process with us at Charles MacPherson Associates. We exclusively work with high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals. This means that we intimately understand the level required to be successful. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the things a personal assistant can help you with are scheduling and organising your meetings, gathering and managing documents, replying to personal or work-related e-mails/phone calls, making travel arrangements, and coordinating travel logistics. Your personal assistant is responsible for your calendar and schedule management, administrative support, errands and logistics, and research and information management.

You must have unbeatable communication and interpersonal skills to become a successful personal assistant. You need to be able to absorb information, interact with various people, organise schedules, provide documents, prioritise and multitask simultaneously. Additionally, you must be able to plan out every detail.

A good personal assistant is reliable and trustworthy, consistently delivering high-quality work while maintaining confidentiality. They are proactive and resourceful. Your personal assistant will be a polished representation of you, anticipating your needs, and solving problems before they land on your desk.

There is no direct path to becoming a personal assistant. Generally speaking, clients prefer a university education and a mix of relevant work experience assisting high-profile individuals or C-suite executives. The relevant work experience will depend on the particular client. For example, some clients who are heavily involved in artistic endeavours will prefer a university background with a focus on arts.

The cost of hiring a personal assistant in Toronto depends on the level of experience and the scope of the role. Some general salary ranges for a personal assistant in Toronto, Canada are below: 

Level of PA Experience Price (Per Year)
Entry-level PA 0 to 3 years $55,000+
Mid-Level PA 4 to 8 years $70,000+
High-Level PA 9+ years $90,000+

The best way to hire a personal assistant in Toronto is to contact Charles MacPherson Associates. We save you time and energy by leveraging our candidate network and expertise. Our candidates have extensive work experience, and educational backgrounds, and are dedicated to getting work done.

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