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If you are a property owner looking for a trustworthy manager to look after your property, your search ends here. At Charles MacPherson Associates, we work with a large pool of talented, professional, and experienced estate managers that can uncover your property’s full potential.

Take advantage of our reliable placement services today and call us to hire a private estate manager in Montreal and learn how an estate manager can look after your property and increase its value. 

How Can An Estate Manager Help You?

An estate manager hired through Charles MacPherson Associates does more than just maintain your property. They bring professional expertise that is backed by meticulous care and attention to bring the most out of your estate. The following are some of the services often provided by estate managers:

Property Management

With the assistance of an estate manager, you can make sure that your estate stays in prime condition for years to come. They will schedule, and supervise maintenance so you don’t have to worry about anything. They will be your trusted partner and your primary contact for everything about your property, from repairs and renovations to housekeeping and event planning. Your estate manager will care for your estate, setting the standard for service and facilitating your desired quality of life. 

Event Planning and Vendor Management

Your estate manager can help to look after the operations and logistics during an event. They can help select quotes, manage vendors, and negotiate contracts.Their aim is to provide a stress-free event so that you can enjoy the moment without worries. From caterers to florists, they take care of all the hassle required with vendor management. Your estate manager will work closely with your vision to create an event that will be a memorable experience for your guests.

Travel Planning and Coordination 

Your estate manager knows that travelling is a crucial part of your routine. That is why they are at your service throughout your journey. You can enjoy your trip with the comfort of knowing that your property is in good hands. Additionally, your estate manager can also work with your personal assistant for major projects while you are away.

Staff Recruitment and Management

An experienced estate manager will help you craft your dream team to take care of your home. They will assist you in recruiting and assembling a team that will instil a new level of perfection in your property. From selecting a housekeeper or house manager that keeps your property neat to choosing a gardener who will transform your outdoor space into tranquil bliss, your estate manager can assess each member of your staff to ensure they contribute towards your property’s protection. The estate managers that Charles MacPherson Associates matches you with have years of experience in managing staff and creating an environment of collaboration and harmony around the household. 

Security and Safety Management

Your estate manager truly understands the significance of security and safety when it comes to your property. That’s why they are able to create a security plan customised to your property’s unique features and potential worries, especially if your property has multiple entry/exit points. You can trust your estate manager to take your property’s safety seriously; they go above and beyond to protect it from possible harms.

House managers are familiar with using advanced security methods, such as alarms and cutting-edge surveillance systems, to provide an extra layer of defence. Additionally, they take precautions by establishing emergency response plans that kick into gear if unexpected situations arise. 

Find a Trusted Estate Manager in Montreal

If you are currently on the lookout for an estate manager in Montreal, Charles MacPherson Associates (CMA) can introduce you to a reliable professional best-suited to your needs. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing incredibly qualified candidates to distinguished families in Montreal. You can rest assured knowing that your next estate manager can look after your property with seamless finesse and craft your estate into a true sanctuary. 

Feel free to reach out to us today at (416) 361-7279 or drop us an email at and start your search to hire a private estate manager in Montreal for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to hiring an estate manager in Montreal, the salary range is between $100,000 – $250,000 depending on the scope of the role. This is a wide range, so if you’re not sure where your role fits into this, feel free to give us a call.

Estate managers have the following responsibilities:

  • Property Management: Your estate manager will supervise repairs in the property, renovations, general maintenance, and more. They also coordinate with contractors, vendors, and service providers.
  • Event planning and Vendor management: They help plan and coordinate different events and help you manage vendors, contractors, and suppliers.
  • Travel Planning and Coordination: They will help you plan your travel per your needs.
  • Staff Recruitment and Management: They will hire, manage, and fire your domestic staff as per your directions.
  • Security and Safety Management: Estate managers will help implement different security measures and alarm systems to address safety concerns.

Yes, estate managers can have some house management responsibilities depending on the requirements of the property and household. Sometimes, estate managers also have to manage the family home, which includes every responsibility related to house management. Additionally, estate managers are in a position of leadership, so they oversee the exterior of the property as well as the staff.

If you are looking for professional estate managers in Montreal, you can trust Charles MacPherson Associates (CMA) to provide you with the most experienced estate managers in town. We work with professional estate managers that can provide the following services:

  • Property management
  • Event planning
  • Vendor management
  • Travel planning and coordination
  • Staff recruitment and management
  • Security and safety management

Property managers and estate managers are in the same general line of business, but the two are not the same. They have very different responsibilities and work for different types of employers. An estate manager’s responsibilities encompass property management and other services that help enhance the lifestyle and luxury of the property owners. They typically work for a private family or family office. A property manager’s responsibilities include screening potential tenants, collecting rent, maintaining the property, renewing leases, arranging necessary repairs, and more. As you can tell, property managers tend to work for corporations like a condo association or rental apartments.