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Hiring professional house staff is the key to maintaining a well-managed household. If your house is 5000 square feet or larger, it can take a lot of time and energy to manage. This is especially true if you own a smart house with very delicate surfaces that require constant maintenance. Depending on your standards, your team of professional house staff could include a housekeeper, a butler, a house manager, a driver, a private chef, and a personal assistant. Together, they can work to create a welcoming home so you can focus on what you love.

Premium House Staffing Agency In Toronto, Canada

At Charles MacPherson Associates, we can help you find these roles and personalise them to your needs. We’re a full-service placement agency that will only take on the position if we’re confident that we can fill it. We are transparent about that. Sometimes, based on the candidate market and the scope of the role, we are not confident that we can be successful. In those cases, we will share the reasons it won’t work and will do our best to offer other solutions. 

Once you’ve signed up, one of our senior team members will lead a consultation to ensure we create a job description that matches your criteria. We will only present candidates that have been screened and vetted by us for your consideration. Our goal is to facilitate the hiring process with consistent and clear communication so that you find your perfect match efficiently. 

Keep reading to find out more about the types of roles we can help you hire. 

Housekeepers & Cleaners

We’ll find you a housekeeper that meets your hiring criteria. This means matching skill, experience, and personality to ensure the best long-term fit. 

Personal Assistants

Enjoy the convenience of having a capable personal assistant who can quickly and effectively complete tasks. We will work closely with you to scope out a position that will attract top talent. 

Estate Managers, House Managers & Property Managers

Estate managers, house managers, and property managers are vital roles, especially if you have more than one property. We can help to find you the right person to match the scope of your role. 

Private Chefs

Enjoy the culinary delights of a private chef who can meet your dietary restrictions and nutritional goals. We have candidates that can keep you on track and make it taste good.

Private Drivers/Chauffeurs

We can find you a full-time private driver to suit your schedule and needs. Whether it’s for you or your parents, we have experienced candidates that will be dedicated to your service. 

Unleash The Potential Of Your Home

At Charles MacPherson Associates, we treat every search like an executive search. This means that even when we are contracted to find a housekeeper, we dive into extraordinary detail in order to help ensure a long-term placement for our clients. You can rest assured that if we take on your search, we are confident that we will be successful and find you someone who can realise the standard you envision for your home. This is how you can unleash the potential of your home. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, household staff agencies are a great resource to outsource your hiring process too. These searches take a lot of time, energy, and money. It’s better to use an expert to facilitate your hiring process so that your focus is on choosing the right candidate. We’ll handle the details.

Using Charles MacPherson Associates will allow you to leverage our incredible candidate database and expertise. Our database protects against resume inconsistencies and our expertise will help you make the best hiring decision for your household. We work with top-notch candidates and vet them based on our Academy standards.

We can help you hire a: 

  • Housekeeper 
  • Private chef
  • Personal assistant
  • Private driver / chauffeur 
  • House manager
  • Estate manager
  • Butler
  • Lady’s maid
  • Valet

Yes, we offer a 60-day placement guarantee. If either you or the candidate terminates the employment for any reason, we will offer a minimum of 3 candidate profiles in replacement.

Our recruitment process involves a number of different approaches that includes our candidate database, online advertising, and a strong candidate network for headhunting. It’s worth noting here that we do not poach candidates from previous clients or if you have sent your staff member to one of our Academy courses.

Yes, we have a number of options for training household staff that include premade and custom options. If you’re interested in finding out more, please reach out to us. We also have a robust offering of online courses that is consistently growing. Please see our full catalog here.