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Are you craving delicious home-cooked meals, but struggling to find the time to cook? Do you want a private chef who understands your dietary needs? Don’t worry, you can find your perfect private chef in Toronto with Charles MacPherson Associates. From planning a customised menu to grocery shopping and kitchen clean-up, our talented chefs will bring culinary expertise to your home. Let us help you elevate your dining experience!

Enjoy Exquisite Culinary Delights With A Private Chef In Toronto

Let’s find out more about some of the ways in which you can indulge in culinary delights by hiring a private chef in Toronto. 

Customized Menu Planning and Meal Preparation

Your private chef will sit with you to create a menu that matches your palate. They will track each meal, any feedback, and make sure that you enjoy tailored, diverse menus that cater to your specific tastes, dietary needs, and cultural preferences. Over time, they will get to know your preferences and can make suggestions based on them. 

Grocery Shopping For All Ingredients

Your private chef will be responsible for grocery shopping for all of your ingredients. This means that after planning the menu with you, they will proceed to procure high quality ingredients. Often, this includes visiting specialty stores for particular ingredients like a cheesemonger or butcher shop. Your private chef will work within the budget you specify in order to create delicious meals that meet your nutritional goals. You’ll never have to worry about the quality of your food again. 

Kitchen Clean-Up & Instructions For Reheating/Freezing

Your private chef will leave your kitchen spotless when they leave for the evening. They will sanitise appropriate surfaces and maintain proper cleanliness in the food preparation area.If your private chef is leaving items to be reheated, they will follow correct food handling practices, including guidelines for storing and reheating food to minimise the risk of food borne illnesses. Your private chef will provide clear instructions and labels for you to follow so that your meal is fresh and delicious.

Special Dietary Needs & Preferences

Your private chef will work with you to ensure that you’re eating balanced and nutritious meals. This includes incorporating necessary nutrients if you have specific dietary or caloric fitness requirements. This is very helpful if you are training towards a fitness goal, or if you are using food to help manage an autoimmune condition holistically. Either way, your private chef will work with you so that you can reach your goals.

Hire A Private Chef In Toronto For The Best Culinary Experience

Hire a private chef in Toronto with Charles MacPherson Associates to have nutritious, home cooked meals every day. You’ll be able to request specific cuisines that accommodate your dietary preferences, nutritional goals, and allergies; something restaurants are not really able to accommodate. You’ll also have more time, and can rest assured knowing exactly what you’re eating.


From menu planning to cleaning your kitchen, a private chef can do it all for you. Contact us today to find the right match for your household in Toronto. You can reach Charles MacPherson Associates at (416) 361-7279 or email us at for any inquiries. Let us help you find your next private chef.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are similar but different terms. A private chef typically works full-time for one client in their residence while a personal chef prepares meals for multiple clients that are usually packaged in advance so that you may reheat and eat them later.

The salary of a private chef depends on the experience of the candidate and the scope of the role. A wide range is anywhere from $80,000 – $150,000 per year.

Some reasons to hire a private chef are: 

  • Easy access to fresh, home-cooked meals every day
  • You can enjoy many different flavours without ordering in
  • You will free up your time because your chef will handle the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning
  • You will know exactly what is in your food and meet your nutritional goals

You should contact an experienced placement agency to find a private chef in Canada. Leveraging their network will help you to cut down the usual amount of time it takes to manage the hiring process and you can also take advantage of their detailed candidate databases, which helps to avoid any resume inconsistencies that can be difficult to detect. Contact Charles MacPherson Associates today if you’re interested in hiring a private chef.

A private chef can help you by:

  • Creating a personalized menu 
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen

The responsibilities of a private chef are:

  • Menu creation with special attention to your dietary needs
  • Grocery shopping for ingredients
  • Preparing high-quality meals
  • Cleaning up the kitchen
  • Providing instructions for freezing and reheating meals