Hotel Butler Training

The CMA hotel butler training philosophy is to teach relevant and important skills required for hotels or resorts in the highly competitive global luxury market. A well-trained butler department, with a solid foundation on both hard and soft skills, can make the difference for clients who have an abundance of choice before them.

There was a time when the hospitality industry was all about location and employee hard skill proficiency. Employees were judged on how accurately the table was set, the towels folded and the bed turned down. Today, that is not enough to differentiate you from other global luxury brands. The cultured traveler of today expects the hospitality industry to be intuitive with cross-cultural communication, well-trained with the necessary soft skills of anticipating their needs and, most importantly, being flexible and innate to their desires.

Whether you currently have a butler department or you wish to install one, our philosophy and training helps establish your front-line employees with the fundamental skills needed for your team to succeed. At Charles MacPherson Associates we offer several options:

  1. Butler 101  Our Butler 101 program is ready to be delivered – it comprises ten half-day sessions, delivered over the course of 5 days. This program has proven to be very successful as the fundamental starting point for many hotel butler departments.
  2. Custom Designed Solutions  Our customized solutions enable CMA to prepare and deliver a butler training program that meets the hotels specific training objectives, brand directives, and the unique needs of your clients. This solution is highly effective when you have very specific requirements and standard operating procedures you wish to train your staff to.

Why Choose CMA?

We have been successfully translating the luxury client’s lifestyle to the luxury hospitality market since our inception. We fundamentally understand the client and what they are looking for because of our daily exposure to them and how they live in their homes.

The key advantage to partnering with CMA is our wealth of knowledge of the private service industry, though our long history of working with high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients. We have extensive experience educating, recruiting, placing, and training private service professionals to work in our clients’ residences and estates. We have a deep understanding of the service level expectations in our clients’ private households, which best positions us to advise on how they expect to be treated when outside the comfort of their own home. When your employees are trained and understand this, you become intuitive to their needs and indispensable in their lives.

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