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People with hectic schedules need someone who can help them run their household and minimise the burden of day-to-day house management. If this sounds like you, Charles MacPherson Associates is here to help. 

We are a full-service placement agency that can match you to experienced butlers in Montreal; allowing you to live a convenient, luxurious, and elegant life. From managing the household to acting as your concierge, your personal butler will ease your life’s day-to-day operations. Call Charles MacPherson Associates today to see how a butler can help. 

Tailored To Your Needs: Find Butler Services In Montreal

Your private butler in Montreal can do a lot of things for you. At Charles MacPherson Associates, we’ll find you someone who can: 

Manage and Organise Your Home

Your seasoned butler will be an expert in maintaining a sense of order and calm in your home. Whether tidying your rooms, arranging furniture, or conducting repairs, they will ensure that you don’t have to worry about managing household tasks. To simplify your life, they will coordinate maintenance schedules, organize your personal belongings, and even supervise your cohort of domestic staff. 

Provide Fine Dining and Beverage Service

Your private butler can create the experience of fine dining within your home. They will make a table arrangement to suit the event, work with your chef or catering team to create delicious menus based on your preferences, and provide excellent table service. Your butler can also offer nuanced wine pairings and be attentive to your culinary needs, whatever they may be. 

Assist With Personal Errands and Concierge Services

Our butlers understand that everyone has unique needs, and they are always ready to cater to them. Whether taking care of the regular grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, or even creating dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant, your butler will go above and beyond. They possess exemplary organizational skills to make sure that your personal and professional lives converge seamlessly.

Provide Wardrobe Management and Valet Services

Your personal butler in Montreal will manage your entire wardrobe to choose elegant and unique outfits for every day. To ensure you show up looking sharp and confident on every occasion, they will work with your stylist, tailor, or designer. Additionally, your butler will make sure your outfits are paired with suitable accessories. If you entrust them with your clothing, they will make sure that all your outfits stay in great, ready-to-wear condition.

Create Travel Arrangements

Your butler can book flights, reserve hotel rooms, organize comfortable transportation, and handle all the documentation, like visa application to ensure your travel experience is enjoyable and convenient. Additionally, they will help you pack and unpack your luggage and even travel with you if you need assistance throughout your journey.

Remain Confidential and Discreet

If you’re someone who’s constantly under the public eye, it can be difficult to keep things private. Your personal butler in Montreal will respect your privacy. You can trust them with personal matters because they maintain the highest standards of confidentiality to safeguard sensitive information. Butlers have been regarded as the most loyal position in the household for centuries. With their service, you can have peace of mind and enjoy your privacy.

Hire A Professional Personal Butler In Montreal 

With exceptional butlers comes true luxury. At Charles MacPherson Associates, we work with a strong network of butlers who have been through our rigorous screening process that qualifies them as trained and professional experts. Our placement specialists ensure that the butlers we match you with exceed your expectations. Call us today at (416) 361-7279 or email us at to hire a personal butler in Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring full-time personal butlers in Montreal costs between $80,000 to $150,000 per year. The exact cost will depend on:

  • Job location
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Amount of experience
  • Additional requirements, such as travelling or live-in arrangements

Charles MacPherson Associates offers a smooth and convenient hiring process for butlers in Montreal. We are the front runners in the placement industry of Montreal with a history of successful placements since 1996. You can quickly get a presentation of qualified matches from our pool of candidates. We also offer a 60-day placement guarantee. Give us a call to learn more today.

Yes, personal butlers can work as housekeepers, but it all comes down to the responsibilities set forth by their employers. While a butler’s primary duty is to manage the household’s daily responsibilities, a housekeeper often handles cleaning tasks. Some butlers may solely pay attention to tasks like arranging events and overseeing the domestic staff. However, others may also conduct housekeeping duties like cleaning. It depends on the employer’s expectations and the terms of the employment.

A personal butler’s responsibilities include: 

  • Managing the household operations
  • Serving food and beverages
  • Overseeing the work of other staff
  • Handling household finances
  • Running errands like grocery shopping
  • Managing your Wardrobe 
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Maintaining confidentiality and discretion

Yes, in some households, your butler can cook for you. However, cooking is not the main responsibility of the butler. Butlers typically play a more administrative role, managing the household as a whole, overseeing the work of the domestic staff, and offering personal help. Depending on the contract terms between the butler and their employer, they may or may not cook. Any such expectation should be communicated beforehand.

No, butlers and maids are not the same. Butlers oversee household operations, whereas maids are responsible for cleaning and other domestic chores like cooking and ironing clothes. In some cases, butlers may also perform these domestic chores. However, all their duties and responsibilities depend on the employer’s expectations and the employment terms.