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Worrying about household chores after a long day at work is exhausting. It takes time, effort, and energy to maintain your household standards. If you’re also taking care of your children, doing both can be overwhelming. This is where hiring a full-time housekeeper comes in. Professional housekeepers can help to keep your house organised and clean, freeing up time for you to focus on your priorities. At Charles MacPherson Associates, we recognize how important it is for you to hire the right housekeeper for your home. Our passion drives us to provide a tailored experience for our clients that pinpoints the best candidate match with longevity in mind. If you’re interested in hiring a housekeeper, reach out and contact our team today. 

Find Housekeeping Services In Toronto

Charles MacPherson Associates have a large candidate database that we use to match a housekeeper to your home. It’s an ongoing process that we maintain so that we can offer you the best candidates to fit your needs. Our professional housekeepers will transform your living space into a clean and cosy setting. Services a housekeeper from Charles MacPherson Associates can provide include: 

General Housekeeping Tasks

Housekeepers in Toronto handle all the general housekeeping tasks, such as dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and laundry. Our Housekeepers are vetted to ensure they are detail-oriented in order to clean each surface in your home methodologically. They’ll start by cleaning high-traffic areas in your home, like the kitchen and bedroom, and then work their way through the rest of your house over the course of their work week. 

Organization and Decluttering

Housekeepers are experts at boosting space and functionality inside your home. They can declutter and organize your rooms, creating more free space. Your housekeeper will work closely with you to understand your lifestyle and specific needs in order better to manage your closets, pantries, and rooms. 

Housekeepers have an amazing art of organization and can completely transform your cluttered room into a functional, aesthetic space. They will work closely with you to identify the purpose of your different items to help create a tidy environment for you to enjoy.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Some areas in your home might require extra care and attention. Your professional housekeeper will be able to offer specialized cleaning services to address these particular spaces. Some specialised cleaning services that our housekeeping candidates provide include cleaning and polishing marble floors, hand washing delicate clothes, seasonal wardrobe changes, tackling stubborn stains, and quarterly deep cleans. 

Meal Preparation and Kitchen Support

Some housekeepers extend their services beyond just cleaning. They can also assist you in the kitchen by doing meal preparation like washing and chopping vegetables or seasoning protein. Your housekeeper can also help with kitchen cleanup and dishwashing. Cooking becomes a lot easier with a housekeeper taking care of the tedious tasks.

They can even pick up your groceries and keep your kitchen well stocked. This way, you have extra kitchen support to ensure your space is functional and clean. Plus, you can have your housekeeper do a weekly fridge clean out so that you can have piece of mind knowing everything in your fridge is always fresh. 

Errands and Household Assistance 

Housekeepers also help you run errands and provide general household assistance. You can provide them with a detailed list of grocery items to buy and your housekeepers will purchase and stock your house with everything required. This can include everything from paper towels to your pantry essentials. They can run errands like dropping and picking up your laundry from the dry cleaners, receiving and mailing packages, and buying household consumables. This way, you don’t have to worry about any of these things anymore. 

Hire A Housekeeper In Toronto Near You!

Are you looking for a reliable and trusty housekeeper in Toronto? Look no further! At Charles MacPherson Associates, we have all the solutions for your Toronto housekeeping needs. We offer tailored placement services that will match the best candidate to your home. This means correctly matching skill sets and personalities so that you hire someone who has the potential to spend many years with your family. 

At Charles MacPherson Associates, we offer a full service placement agency that will: 

  • Only take on the position if we’re confident we can fill it
  • Create a custom job description after a consultation with a senior team member 
  • Only present vetted candidates that match your role
  • Facilitate the hiring process with consistent and clear communication
  • Stay in touch post hiring to ensure the longevity of the placement

Contact us today to take the first step towards a cleaner and more organised home! Call us at (416) 369-1146 or email to start the process with a member of the placement team. We also offer butler services and full household staffing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Toronto, Canada, our candidates are looking for a minimum of $25 per hour and it can go up to $40 per hour. This range is the salary equivalent of $50,000 – $75,000 per year. Our candidates expect to be on payroll, with appropriate source tax deductions. If this is your first full time employee, we have payroll company recommendations to point you in the right direction. 

At Charles MacPherson Associates, we vet candidates based on the best practices of our Academy. But, not every candidate has attended our school and so cleaning methods can vary widely. That being said, the most important trait of our housekeepers is to follow your house standards and clean surfaces as per their manufacturer recommendations. This does require onboarding from you, as cleaning standards vary from house to house. If you’re not sure about what your house standards are, we have experienced consultants that can help you create a household manual and establish cleaning standards. Call us today to see how we can help.