Professional Development for Private Service Professionals

The Charles MacPherson Academy is committed to providing professional development opportunities for private service professionals. We wholeheartedly believe in continuous improvement and are dedicated to the growth and development of those working in the private service industry.

Through our educational programming, we have experienced first-hand the impact training can have on the future of those working in the private service industry. Whether you are looking to grow and develop in your private service profession or are seeking to invest in the development of your private service staff, our courses are designed with you in mind.

Why You Should Choose Us

Since 1996, we have worked in the private service industry as consultants advising employers, as well as placing and training private service staff. With over two decades of service excellence, we pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built and the relationships we’ve maintained with our clients, job candidates, and students. Educating and training private service professionals and consulting on matters related to household operations is our passion.

Our professional development courses leverage the knowledge and intel we have obtained while working with both employers and private service professionals.

We understand the growing needs and expectations of employers, their families, and those working on their behalf in family offices and HR departments. We also know first-hand, the day-to-day realities of working in a home through our daily interactions with private service professionals and our experience as former private service professionals ourselves.

It is this dual perspective that gives us a unique outlook on the private service industry. These insights allow us to develop and deliver courses aimed at building the knowledge, aptitude, skills and capabilities that private service professionals are seeking and employers are expecting.