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Overworking or having limited individuals to spread the tasks around can lead to stress and burnout. A personal assistant is a solution to that. A professional personal assistant’s primary purpose is to reduce your task list and manage your time. By offloading certain tasks to someone reliable, you can enhance your productivity and streamline processes. On top of that, a personal assistant can also manage your errands, like buying gifts, making travel arrangements, and even basic house management. At Charles MacPherson Associates, we can find you a personal assistant in Vancouver that matches your needs and wants. Call our placement specialists today to hire a personal assistant.

Find Personal Assistant Services in Vancouver For Professional Support

A personal assistant is ideal for those who are always busy with a variety of tasks. Everyone needs a break. It’s important to make time for yourself. Your personal assistant can help you do that. A private assistant in Vancouver can primarily perform the following responsibilities for you:

Calendar and Schedule Management

Your personal assistant can align your meetings and schedule your calendar to make sure your week goes smoothly and stress-free. They will wholly take over your calendar and manage your events timely, whether it’s a dentist’s visit, a business meeting, a family event, or a social gathering.

Administrative Support

A personal assistant also plays an administrative role. From emails to phone calls, your personal assistant can handle everything. They know what messages to prioritise, what phone calls to transfer you directly, and how to respond to inquiries. They are responsible for forwarding critical information to appropriate individuals, so you can rest assured that everything is where it needs to be. Hiring a personal assistant reduces the time and effort you spend corresponding with people. This gives you time to focus on things that you’d rather be focusing on.

Errands and Logistics

Logistical inefficiencies can disrupt the whole workflow, which can be frustrating and unproductive. In such a case, a personal assistant can streamline time-consuming tasks, ensuring productivity. Your personal assistant will reduce the repetitive tasks you need to do and incorporate logistical efficiency into the job. You can focus on creative and value additions while your personal assistant can run errands, send memos, save and collect files, and manage similar responsibilities. When it comes to running errands, you can trust your assistant with your personal tasks as well, such as buying a gift for a loved one, picking up your suit, and more. 

Research and Information Management

Sometimes you may need to gather information or conduct research to make a decision. That research can be about anything, whether business-related or personal. With a personal assistant at your disposal, you no longer have to sit for hours in front of a laptop. Your personal assistant can do that research for you and give you summarised information. They also know what information should stay private and confidential and what is common knowledge. It helps when you have a meeting in a few minutes and need relevant data to present. Your personal assistant can enable you to make an informed decision without investing too much time gathering information yourself.

Personal Support

A personal assistant is your private support provider. They will familiarise themselves with your preferences and priorities to ensure they deliver a tailored service to you, ensuring maximum support. This includes your morning coffee choice, favorite restaurants, shopping behavior & interests, etc. All this goes to ensuring they are proactive in everything they do for you. By assisting you personally, your personal assistant saves you time and effort. Additionally, you can trust your personal assistant with deeply personal things because they always maintain the utmost privacy.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant in Vancouver 

Your personal assistant can be a game changer in your life. Only after hiring a personal assistant, someone who takes care of your needs, can you realise how much easier and simplified they can make your life. On top of having a person just one call away, hiring a personal assistant has a lot of benefits.

They Keep You on Schedule

Never worry about meetings, appointments, or pickups. From a dental visit to a business meeting, your personal assistant will ensure you are on time. They also make sure that you have enough time left in your schedule to sit back and relax.

They Balance Your Personal Life

Spending too much time at work leaves you little to no time for yourself. You can delegate all your tasks to a personal assistant, while a personal assistant can forward these tasks to relevant individuals, giving you time to relax and find balance. 

Your Personal Assistant is Just Another Version of You

Your personal assistant is proactive and efficient. They familiarise themselves with your routine, preferences, and behaviour to streamline your weeks exactly as you’d like. Hiring a personal assistant is an investment in yourself.

They Save You Time

Find your coffee already sitting on your desk, ready to drink, and your calendar already organised!

Things that may seem small can still take much time out of your day. A personal assistant can help you skip all that, allowing you to focus on things that really need your input.

Find a Dedicated Personal Assistant in Vancouver 

A personal assistant can make or break your operations management. To hire the right one, you need to verify their experience, do background checks, and ensure they are up to the job you expect. But even the searching and hiring process itself can be daunting. That is why Charles MacPherson Associates can help you. We have a specialised team working with a strong network of personal assistants all over Vancouver. We verify, screen, and place qualified personal assistant candidates throughout homes and organisations in Vancouver. At Charles MacPherson Associates, we can find you a dedicated personal assistant. Call us at (416) 361-7279 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

A personal assistant costs somewhere between $75,000 to $150,000 per year in Vancouver. However, this cost can change with the duties and experience of the assistant. Someone who works for 6 or 7 days a week would cost you more. In contrast, someone who is with you from Monday to Friday will cost less. The responsibilities you expect your personal assistant to take over should be communicated beforehand.

Charles MacPherson Associates (CMA) can help you hire a personal assistant in Vancouver. At CMA, we have a dedicated team working to find you the most qualified candidates for the job. Our network of personal assistant candidates allows us to verify and screen the right people at your disposal. We do it quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort because hiring can take a long time by yourself. We typically screen over 300 applicants for a personal assistant position. It is an intensive search process.

A personal assistant can perform a wide range of services for you. Their primary services include:

  • Calendar and schedule management
  • Administrative support
  • Errands and logistics
  • Research and information management
  • Personal support

A personal assistant takes a 360 approach and becomes your number-one person for personal needs.

No. A personal assistant is your employee, not an individual or independent contractor. Your personal assistant works for you 5 to 7 days a week for a predetermined salary and responsibilities.

Yes. You should hire a personal assistant for your day-to-day work assistance. Hiring a personal assistant takes a lot off your plate. A personal assistant can help balance out your personal and professional life, giving you time to relax. They can also help you stay productive and right on the schedule. Additionally, your personal assistant can run your errands, such as buying gifts, picking up your morning coffee, dropping your dry cleaning, etc. Altogether, a personal assistant helps you save a lot of time and effort.