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Managing a household can be a daunting task. There is a lot necessary for your household to run smoothly. This includes everything from seasonal maintenance appointments to inventory, organization, and even wardrobe management. If you’re also trying to run a business and raise a family, the demands can become overwhelming. This is when you should consider hiring a house manager. They are a special type of professional who brings expertise, efficiency, and a sense of calm to the daily operations of a household. Your house manager will make sure everything that needs to happen, does happen in your residence. And if there’s a problem, your house manager will come prepared to explain the situation along with recommended next steps for your consideration. You can see how much time and effort a house manager can save a household in their quest for a well-managed home.

Now, it’s important to remember that house managers are full-time professional employees. If you want to see the full benefits one can bring to your home, you should hire one full-time so that they can devote their entire professional expertise to your service. 

Hire A Full-Time House Manager In Canada 

Like we said above, there are a lot of services your full-time house manager can bring to your household.

Managing Household Staff

If you have other staff members, your house manager will be your primary point of contact for your household. They will be responsible for letting your team know what the monthly, weekly, and daily plans are. Plus, they will be able to train your staff to the standards expected in your residence. House managers set the tone for the household and are expected to monitor the work being done by other members of your household team. This team could include housekeepers, drivers, and cooks or private chefs. They oversee staff schedules, evaluate performance, and facilitate effective communication in the household. 

Overseeing Household Maintenance and Repairs

Your house manager is responsible for managing the maintenance and repairs your home needs. Everything from HVAC appointments, to contacting a plumber to come and fix a leak. They will be the main point of contact for all the trades of your house. 

Event and Travel Planning

Your house manager can assist with organizing events, parties, and travel arrangements. They will coordinate with vendors, create itineraries, and manage logistics to facilitate your event smoothly.

Coordinating Schedules and Appointments

Your house manager will also be responsible for maintaining an updated calendar for your household. This way, you should always be able to pull it up and take a look to see if there is anything scheduled for the day. If you have an executive assistant, this assistant will work with your house manager to ensure that all calendars run smoothly and with no conflict.

Managing Household Finances and Budgets

House managers can sometimes be responsible for managing your household finances and budgets. They will work together with you to facilitate the quality of life you want, within a household operating budget. Your house manager will track all payments, make all bill payments, and reconcile household credit cards at the end of each billing cycle.

Running Errands and Handling Household Tasks

Running errands is a daily part of your house manager’s position. They will coordinate dry cleaning drop off and pickups, grocery shopping, and household inventory purchasing.

Ensuring The Safety and Security Of The Household

Daily walk-throughs are a consistent part of your house manager’s schedule. Your house manager will make sure all the appropriate windows and doors are locked throughout the day and when they leave. They can also be your point of contact with your security company in case of an emergency. This is especially helpful if you travel often, since insurance requires that you have someone check on your residence if you’re gone for more than ten days.

How To Hire a House Manager

House managers are a great addition to your team of staff. But how do you hire one? At Charles MacPherson Associates, we understand that there is a lot that goes into matching a residence to a candidate. We do our best to make sure that both skills and personality match, which helps to ensure longevity in the role.


A house manager plays a pivotal role in maintaining a well-organized and efficiently run household. Their expertise, attention to detail, and ability to manage diverse responsibilities provide invaluable benefits to individuals and families. By entrusting the day-to-day operations of their homes to a house manager, you can reclaim your time, reduce stress, and enjoy a more harmonious living environment. If you’re looking for enhanced efficiencies and peace of mind, you should consider hiring a house manager. Call Charles MacPherson Associates and speak to a member of our placement team today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A house manager is responsible for running your household. This includes administrative tasks like scheduling and maintaining records, supervising, training, and hiring household staff, organization, home maintenance, and helping with event preparation. But, no two house manager roles share the same job scope. These roles are often tailored to the needs of your household

A good house manager possesses strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and excellent communication abilities. They should have a proactive approach, anticipating and addressing household needs efficiently. Additionally, a good house manager demonstrates professionalism, integrity, and the ability to handle diverse responsibilities while maintaining a calm and composed demeanor. Discretion is also key.

To find a house manager, start by identifying your specific needs and expectations for the role. Reaching out to a reputable staffing agency that specializes in domestic placements is a good strategy if you are too busy to manage the hiring process. A good agency will conduct thorough interviews, check references, and perform background checks to ensure you find a qualified and trustworthy house manager who aligns with your household’s requirements. If you’re looking for a reputable agency, consider asking your friends where they hired their house manager from.

In Toronto, the general salary range for a house manager is between $75,000 – $120,000 per year. This will be commensurate with the candidate’s experience and the intensity of the role. If you’re not sure where your house manager position fits in this range, give us a call. We’re happy to help point you in the right direction.

A house manager is not a nanny. While it may be tempting to add that to their job description, you will be stretching the scope of the role because childcare is a specialized position that requires a candidate’s full attention. Many candidates are not looking to work with children and so you also risk losing really great candidates that can fit all of your needs, minus the childcare.