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Keeping your property in good shape in Toronto can be daunting, especially if your property is 5000 square feet or more. Supervising domestic staff, overseeing budgets, creating schedules, and implementing household standards are important to ensure your estate is well maintained.

It’s a full time job, which is why you should hire an estate manager in Toronto from Charles MacPherson Associates. We’re a full service agency that will find your perfect match, saving you time and money by expediting the hiring process.

How Can An Estate Manager Help You?

Using our extensive network, we will find the right estate manager that will develop and implement a tailor-made property management plan for your property. Services that an estate manager in Toronto can help you with are:

Property Management

One of the key roles of an estate manager is overseeing your property’s management and administration. This role includes scheduling, supervising, and looking after budgets for repairs, renovations, and general maintenance for the property.

Event Planning and Vendor Management

You can trust your estate manager to be your point person for events taking place at your property. Your estate manager will obtain quotes, negotiate contracts, manage vendors, and be present during the event to ensure quality service.

Travel Planning and Coordination

This is often the focus of your personal or executive assistant. But, in their absence, your estate manager can step in to help coordinate and plan your travel as needed. They can also work with your personal assistant to ensure that any major projects happen while you’re away from your estate. This way you don’t have to experience messy renovations and your estate is ready for your return.

Staff Recruitment and Management

Your estate manager will be responsible for hiring, managing, and firing your domestic staff. They will also train them to consistently uphold house standards, create staff schedules, and routinely evaluate staff performances. All of this is to ensure that your estate has a strong team that works well together.

Security and Safety Management

Your estate manager will work to secure your estate’s safety and security. They will do this by implementing security measures, setting up alarms, monitoring CCTV, coordinating with security guards. If anything happens, your estate manager is often the first point of contact and they will communicate with you to address any safety concerns.

Trusted Estate Manager Services in Toronto

From day-to-day operations to managing large-scale events, your estate manager in Toronto takes a comprehensive approach to overseeing and administrating your estate. They will handle administration tasks for your property, oversee domestic staff, help with event and travel planning, coordinate and supervise vendors, and monitor security. This is why it’s important that you hire an estate manager in Toronto who is competent and trustworthy. Contact us at Charles MacPherson Associates to learn more about how we can help find you an estate manager or train the one you already have.

You can reach us at (416) 369-1146 or submit a web inquiry here.

Frequently Asked Questions

An estate manager makes themselves familiar with your property and understands your needs, concerns, and goals. Then they develop a tailor-made plan for your property. This plan can include: 

  • Managing your property and establishing household standards
  • Supervising domestic staff (drivers, chefs, housekeepers, etc.)
  • Coordinating repairs and maintenance
  • Creating and monitoring budgets
  • Overseeing security and safety measures 

An estate manager keeps your property in good shape in every respect.

Estate management is a very high level position that requires many years of experience in order to get. Your first step towards estate management is to try to find a housekeeper or house manager role for a family and work your way up. It can also be helpful to have some education, like a hospitality degree or a butler/house management program certificate. Take a look at the house manager courses offered at the Academy here

Once you have the right mix of experience and education, you can register yourself with Charles Macpherson Associates here to become a candidate for consideration.

Estate managers are highly specialised professionals. Typically, a full-time estate manager in Toronto can make anything from $100,000 – $250,000 per year, depending on the scope of the role. Broken down, this is between $8000 – $20,000 per month.

An estate manager helps you with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly operations which can include:

  • Property management
  • Budgeting and finances for your property
  • Event planning and vendor management
  • Travel planning and coordination
  • Staff recruitment and management
  • Security and safety management

They also provide a helping hand during events, travelling plans, and oversee general maintenance. When you are not home an estate manager constantly updates you, keeping you assured and comfortable.