Why choose CMA Placement?

  • We are well-established, seasoned, and have a proven placement track record since 1996
  • We have a top notch industry reputation and unsurpassed recruitment standards
  • We have a robust candidate database, network of contacts, and extensive industry reach
  • We have expertise in placement and a unwavering commitment to service excellence
  • We are discreet and dedicated to maintaining our clients’ and candidates’ confidentiality

What are your fees?

Our total placement fee is calculated as a percentage of the placed candidate’s first year compensation. An initial deposit is required to begin our search. Our placement fee percentage remains consistent across all clients, as our service remains the same.

Is there a Placement Guarantee?

Yes, placements are guaranteed for 60-days. CMA Placement is committed to a successful placement. If, during the first 60-days of employment, either employer or employee decides not to continue their working relationship, our placement team will provide you with a shortlist of candidates to review. If you would like further details on our placement guarantee we would be happy to speak with you.

How long does the search process take?

Generally speaking, depending on the position profile, our shortlist of candidates is prepared for client consideration within 5 to 10 business days. While we understand that speed is essential, this time is required to appropriately source, screen, interview and select candidates to present to you. Our search process ensures we only present the most qualified candidates to our valued clients.

Who have you worked for in the past?

We would be pleased to provide you with references, subject to our client confidentiality agreements.  Select case studies are posted on our website for your review.

How do I move forward with CMA’s placement services?

To speak with a member of our team, please call (416) 361-7279 or click here to contact us.