Residential Consulting

At CMA, we provide various consulting services to meet the needs of our residential clients around the world.

Our team works directly with our clients to understand their individual needs, challenges they’re facing, and their desired end-goal. From there, we propose and deliver solutions for their private residences, estates, ranches, and palaces.

Examples of past client assignments include:

  • Setting household standards for housekeeping, food and beverage, and/or wardrobe management
  • Quality testing and quality assurance
  • Staff evaluation and staff planning, including economic efficiencies of staff and household budgets
  • Recruitment and placement of key personnel for existing or new properties
  • Residential human resource best practices, that nuance those in the corporate world
  • Development and implementation of standardized household cleaning and mechanical manuals

Household Staff Planning

From moving into a new home to experiencing chronic staff turnover, developing an effective and workable staffing model is essential. Proper staff planning lays the foundation for a happy, stable household that satisfies your service expectations.

In order to prepare a staffing plan, CMA conducts an initial assessment, which includes:

  • An onsite property visit to learn and understand the culture of the household and your individual service requirements
  • A full review of the current household staffing model, including: existing employee organizational chart, reporting structure, payroll, schedules, job descriptions, etc.


Once the initial assessment is complete, we propose an alternate staffing plan that includes:

  • An employee organizational chart, optimizing staff efficiency and cohesion
  • Workable job descriptions that are effective, realistic, and in tune with your household’s needs
  • A payroll and overall staffing budget
  • A revised employee schedule that accounts for household maintenance and service requirements
  • A roadmap for implementation and plan moving forward


CMA delivers a final, comprehensive staffing plan that is insightful, informative, and most importantly, implementable.

Household Mechanical Manuals

A Household Mechanical Manual is a bespoke user-friendly guide containing essential information pertaining to your household mechanical and electronic systems. Written in layman’s language, a Mechanical Manual is a key resource in the operation of your household.

Some key features:

  • Each Manual is custom tailored to your household
  • Colour photography and layman’s language are used to explain often complicated mechanical systems and important maintenance requirements
  • Information within the manual is easily accessed through a specific table of contents and index
  • Maintenance schedules are explicitly detailed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure household staff never forget what needs to be serviced, who needs to be called, and when the call should be made
  • Troubleshooting guides help your household employees avoid calling contractors unnecessarily to solve simple problems; the manual saves homeowners time, money, and aggravation
  • From time to time, employee turnover occurs; owning and retaining all household mechanical information in one place ensures nothing is lost in the transition

Household Cleaning Manuals