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Would you like to hire a personal driver in Toronto for stress-free transportation? Do you want a secure, comfortable, and personalised travel experience? At Charles MacPherson Associates, we can connect you with the best private drivers in Toronto to hire. Our full-service placement agency will help to isolate your needs and match appropriate candidates to your search.

Private Chauffeur Service in Toronto

At Charles MacPherson Associates, we pride ourselves on finding you a perfect candidate that will meet your transportation needs. Keep reading to find out more about what services a private driver can offer you. 

Personalised Transportation

Hiring a private driver will personalise your transportation experience. Your private driver in Toronto will get you to your destination on time and stress-free. Often, they will have access to your calendar working with your executive or personal assistant to ensure they know where and when you have to be. Your private driver will help you beat traffic and be on time, everytime.

Airport Transfers

Your private driver will take you to and from the airport as needed. They will get to know your preferences and keep the car stocked with your preferred snacks and refreshments; especially if they’re picking you up after a long haul flight.

Transportation For The Elderly

If you’re looking to hire a private driver for your ageing parents, we can help. Charles MacPherson Associates has a special pool of drivers with experience working with the elderly. Hiring a private driver will support them in their daily activities and help maintain their independence. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Your private driver will take care of everything related to vehicle maintenance. They will regularly clean your vehicles, inspect them for issues (check oil, gas, tires, brakes), and conduct regular servicing. 

Safe & Legal Driving Practices

Your private driver will prioritise safety and abide by local traffic rules driving responsibly. They will be well-versed in defensive driving practices for a secure journey.

Professional Representation

Your private driver will be a representation of you. In addition to their driving skills, they will be punctual and polished. Your private driver will communicate respectfully and demonstrate proper etiquette.  These qualities are guaranteed with a full time, private driver. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Private Driver In Toronto, Canada

When you hire a private driver in Toronto with Charles MacPherson Associates, you’ll get to experience a wide range of benefits including:

  • Convenience: Your driver will be dedicated to your schedule with no other potential conflicts
  • Safety: Your seasoned driver will drive safely, reducing the chances of accidents 
  • Comfort: Your private driver will equip your vehicle with the snacks and drinks you love
  • More time: You can keep focussing on what you need to while your driver gets you to your destination seamlessly

Can Drivers Do More Than Just Drive? 

This is a very common question we get! We understand that sometimes, 40 hours can seem like a lot of time to fill when all your private driver does is drive. But there are a couple of things to factor in. The first thing is that you have to factor in the time that your driver spends waiting for you. It might seem like they aren’t actively working, but these passive hours are still required of their time, and so they need to be paid for it. This means that if you have a late-night pickup at 1 am, you have to compensate for the extra hours either with compensation or time in lieu.

The second thing to think about is that drivers do a lot more than just drive. Often, they make excellent managers and coordinators within your household. You can send them to run errands, drop off packages, or be present at your residence to receive packages or vendors. Your driver will often work with your personal or executive assistant in order to stay on top of your calendar for drop-offs and pickups. They can also manage your housekeepers and act as a primary point of contact for household staff, depending on how busy their schedules are. 

When you consider both points, it’s easy to see how this role can quickly fill up and become full time. This is also a great way to secure an employee that is up to your standards and can be an excellent addition to your staff. 

Hire Private Drivers in Toronto

If you’re tired of dealing with inconsistent driving services, it might be time to hire a personal driver in Toronto who can work full time. Contact us today at (416) 369-1146 or email us at to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

A personal chauffeur will: 

  • Pick up and drop off clients
  • Make reservations
  • Park responsibility 
  • Guide clients to their destinations
  • Clean and maintain the vehicle
  • Assist with luggage and errands as needed
  • Accommodate clients with specific needs as needed

We can help you hire your perfect driver at Charles MacPherson Associates. We’re a full-service placement agency that will: 

  • Only take on the position if we’re confident we can fill it
  • Create a custom job description after a consultation with a senior team member 
  • Only present vetted candidates that match your role
  • Facilitate the hiring process with consistent and clear communication
  • Stay in touch post-hiring to ensure the longevity of the placement

A personal driver’s pay ranges from $75,000 to $120,000 annually. The exact amount will depend on various factors like: 

  • The driver’s skill level
  • The scope of the job
  • Location of hire