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Hiring professional house staff is key to maintaining a well-managed household. If your house is 5000 square feet or larger, it can take a lot of time and energy to manage. This is especially true if you own a smart house with very delicate surfaces that require constant maintenance. Depending on your standards, your team of professional house staff will include a mix of housekeepers, a butler or house manager, a driver, a private chef, and a personal assistant.  They will work together to take care of your household needs and maintain your desired standards to create a stress-free living environment.

Some other benefits of hiring professional house staff include efficient management, time and energy savings, expertise and skill, enhanced organisation, personalised services, increased productivity, and peace of mind. These advantages contribute to a comfortable and harmonious living environment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Premium House Staffing Agency In Canada

At Charles MacPherson Associates, we can help you with almost all of your house staffing needs. We can help you with:

Housekeepers & Cleaners

We’ll find you a housekeeper that meets most, if not all of your hiring criteria. This means matching skill, experience, and personality. Something not many other agencies can offer.

Personal Assistants

We can find your perfect personal assistant! These searches can be particularly tricky due to the many variables inherent in the roles, but we will work closely with you to scope out a position that will attract top applicants.

Estate & Property Managers

Estate managers and house managers are vital roles, especially if you have more than one property. We can help to find you the right person to match the scope of your role.

Private Chefs

Leverage our database to find the private chef that is the best match for your goals. Whether it’s familiarity with a particular cuisine or dietary restriction, we have candidates that will keep you on track to meeting your goals.

Private Drivers/Chauffeurs

We can find you a full-time driver to suit your schedule and needs. Whether it’s for you or your parents, we have candidates that specialise in defensive driving and navigation. 

Experience the Pinnacle Of Service and Care: Unleash the Potential Of Your Home

At Charles MacPherson Associates, we treat every search like an executive search. This means that even when we are contracted to find a housekeeper, we dive into extraordinary detail in order to help ensure a long-term placement for our clients. We also don’t take searches we don’t think we can fill and are transparent about that. Sometimes, based on the candidate market and the scope of the role, we are not confident that we can be successful. In those cases, we will share the reasons it won’t work and will do our best to offer other solutions. You can rest assured that if we take on your search, we are confident that we will be successful and find you exactly who you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic staff agencies, or household staff agencies, are a great resource to outsource your hiring process too. These searches take lots of time and energy. It’s better to use an expert to facilitate your hiring process so that your focus is on choosing the right candidate. We’ll handle the details.

Using Charles MacPherson Associates will allow you to leverage our incredible candidate database and expertise. We have been maintaining it since 2007 and keep every candidate’s resume on file whenever someone applies. This is to protect against resume inconsistencies and to help you make the best hiring decision for your household.

You can hire housekeepers, house managers, estate managers, personal assistants, butlers, drivers, and private chefs. We’ve occasionally found personal trainers and gardeners, although requests like those are rare.

Yes! We offer a 60-day placement guarantee. If either you or the candidate terminates the employment for any reason, we will offer a minimum of 3 candidate profiles in replacement.

Our recruitment process involves a number of different approaches. We have our candidate database, usual online sources, and a strong candidate network that we can use to headhunt. It’s worth noting here that we do not poach candidates from previous clients or if you have sent your staff to one of our Academy courses.

Yes, we have a robust offering of online courses that is growing. Please see our full catalog here.