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Fundamentals of household management

You will learn key lessons needed to succeed as a private service professional

From best practices to dealing with advanced, intricate situations, students gain the insight and skills to confidently support and lead the management of a well-run household.

Fundamentals of Household Management is the first step in learning the core content from our foundational Household Management Program. With opportunities for both theoretical and extremely practical learning, students who complete the course are equipped to tackle the demands of their roles in private residences, anywhere around the globe. Our course balances traditional and modern perspectives to deliver a blend of the most important content household managers need to succeed.


After surveying a brief history of Household Management, this course delves into the business aspects of communications, managing household inventories, procedures, manuals and petty cash. It includes all the best practices for a successful over-all household management structure. Students are introduced to the concept of the Family Office and how to liaise with one. Students will also receive an introduction to creating staff plans, drafting job descriptions, recruiting other employees for household positions, employment and termination procedures and live-in vs. live-out protocols.
Course Title: Fundamentals of Household Management 2022
Content Delivery: Live Zoom Classes with Expert Coach Charles MacPherson
Course Duration: 5 Weeks
Module Duration: 90 minutes
Includes: 1Introductory Private Meet & Greet with Charles
 1One-on-one private mentoring session with Charles MacPherson. Up to 30 minute duration.
 7Homework Assignments Reviewed by Charles

Bonus Value:

  • A signed Copy of Charles’ Best-Selling Book: The Butler Speaks
  • Online access to the lunch-and-learn series, The History of Domestic Service


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The different types of communication, strategies and methods for successful communication, including common hurdles that prevent effective communication.

  • An introduction to approaches and techniques for effectively communicating with your principal and other household employees
  • Understanding boundaries and best practices for successful employee-employer working relationships
  • The difference between a fixed and growth mindset, and how it applies to household management

Module II: Household Manuals & Procedures

How to create, execute and maintain standard operating procedures, and prepare and manage various manuals that capture important household information.

  • Best practices for managing household inventories for both consumable and non-consumable goods
  • How to create and maintain a household manual that captures important household information
  • Understanding the importance of household procedures to systematize various household management tasks

Module III: Household Management

Introduction to the overall knowledge foundation in the management of a household, including general best practices for managing and working with household staff.

  • Overview of the principals of household management and the overall household structure, including how to properly “zone” a household
  • Introduction to the ‘Urgent/Important Matrix’ and how it is best applied within household management to prioritize tasks
  • An overview of HR best practices in private service, including how to interview and hire, as well as considerations for employee termination

Module IV: Household Mechanicals & Vendor Management

Foundations of household mechanicals and common systems, including the terminology required to aid in successful communication with and management of vendors.

  • Building professional and productive relationships with contractors and vendors and how to communicate and share information effectively
  • An overview of household systems focused on core and key knowledge, labelling, signage, documentation, mechanical manuals and their basic structure
  • Tools of the trade, including checklists, calendars, a household dairy, reporting templates, punch lists, and maintenance task tracking

Module V: Household Security

A knowledge base to support the management of household security matters, and an overview of common issues and how to respond appropriately.

  • Understanding the role of the House Manager as it relates to security, risk, and safety, including basic terminology
  • A general overview of household security systems and safety/monitoring peripherals
  • Best practices in the areas of emergency preparedness, including fire, medical, environmental and other situations

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5 x 90 minute classes taught once weekly over a 5-week period
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Lunch & Learn series:
The History of Domestic Service
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Pre-course online Private Meet & Greet with Charles MacPherson
Self-reflection Assignments reviewed by Charles MacPherson with observations
Homework Assignments reviewed by Charles MacPherson with observations
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Tuesday, Nov 1, 2022
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Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022
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Friday, October 21, 2022
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10:00 – 11:30 (-4 GMT)
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A Letter of Completion, personally signed by Charles MacPherson, will be issued to successful students.


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