Not all housekeeping tasks are equal. Some tasks are straightforward, while others are a bit more complicated. Charles MacPherson answers viewer’s frequently asked questions on The Marilyn Denis Show breaking down those tricky situations with easy solutions.

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Getting footprints off of a hardwood floor

Laminate floors natural attract oils and fats, so cleaning the floor with some pH neutral dish soap in some warm water is the key. Go with the grain and ensure that you frequently rinse the floor so that you remove the soap. Often times, if the soap is left on the floor it will create a cloudy appearance and attract more foot prints and marks.

Properly cleaning a toilet

The bowl needs to be cleaned with a disinfectant and left to sit in order for the disinfectant to work, it can’t be sprayed and removed immediately. Using an all-purpose cleaning, start at the least contaminated to the most contaminated part, with either paper-towels or dedicate cloths. Avoid using decorative toilet brushes as they often don’t work as well as more purpose built ones

Getting rid of red wine stains on light coloured fabrics

Never rub, always blot. When blotting the stain, apply pressure, frequently changing the cloth or towel so you don’t reapply the stain. Once the surface is mostly dry, spray with a bit of water and continue to blog. The final step is to sprinkle the surface with cornstarch and leave overnight to absorb all the moisture. Vacuum it up the next day.